Grammy's Treasure Hunt: Cameron's Choices

Cameron is ten years old. He is now ready to go on Grammy's Treasure Hunt. And what a treasure hunt it is! His adventure will take
him to a very unusual baseball game that is full of excitement, danger, friends, and enemies. There are hard but necessary choices he needs to make, all in search of one of life's most valuable treasures. Will he find the treasure? That answer depends on Cameron and the choices he makes.

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Grammy's Treasure Hunt: Julia's Judging

Julia is excited because today is the day she goes on Grammy's Treasure Hunt. She is a typical ten-year-old girl with one exception: Julia is a very accomplished chess player. Her adventure involves a unique and unusual chess game that she participates in on her quest to win her treasure. But there are many unexpected obstacles along the way that she encounters, plus a new friend she will meet. Julia will need to deal with all of this before she can claim the prize. Will Julia earn her treasure of a lifetime? Julia's actions and reactions will determine the outcome. Let the game begin!

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Grammy's Treasure Hunt: Luca's Lessons

Today, Luca, a ten-year-old boy, is going to embark on Grammy's
Treasure Hunt. Luca is about to experience the most unique ice hockey
game ever played. His adventure brings him face-to-face with very
unusual opponents, uncommon rules, and a personal challenge for Luca
that he very much wants to win. He will meet a new friend who just might
be his best hidden secret of all. Luca will need to use his physical
skills as well as his personal beliefs to try to win his treasure. Will
Luca do what is needed to win the greatest prize? One crucial moment
will decide it all.

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Grammy’s Treasure Hunt is not only a well constructed story but has lessons to be learned without the realization that you are learning a lesson! In today's world, kindness can be in short supply at times and this story takes aim at that in a way children will understand. There are good conversations to be had with your children when the book is finished! It is a clever fun read that will make you and your children smile!

K. Via

This book is a must read for early readers! It teaches a great lesson
through an unexpected ending and keeps the kids interested and wanting to read more! Excellent book and can’t wait for the rest of the series!


This author did a great job with telling a fun story that also helps teach kids what's important in life...being kind, truthful, and treating
others as you would like to be treated.


Wow, what a delightful, refreshing book! So wonderful for children just
starting out in life, and adults could learn a thing or two themselves.
This is an excellent book for parents and children to read together as
it is a reminder for everyone to make the right choices, and to be kind,
honest, and respectful in life. You will make the right choice in
picking up this book!


I feel elated to have read this book.It’s short and sweet. Few chapters, where kids won’t get bored.The font is good. The book kept me reading. I was interested to know Cameron’s treasure In today’s world where kids are more engrossed in electronics, this book really brought a special meaning explaining moral values kids need to learn right from childhood. It’s not about winning or losing, rather, it’s all about good conduct that shapes and nurtures a kid’s upbringing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.I'd highly suggest this book for kids through 4-13.

Fun Fact

While this chapter book is fiction, there are many real-life facts imbedded within the story. I thought it would be fun to share some behind-the-scenes items that all came together as part of writing “Grammy’s Treasure Hunt: Cameron’s Choices.”

Excerpt From the Book

Grammy comes around the comer at the end of a long hallway that is decorated with many family photos and says. smiling. "Hi, Cameron. Okay, let's get started. It sounds like you are ready for your treasure hunt.” She motions for Cameron to come down the long hallway. Cameron runs down the hall, and they turn the corner to go to the back side of the house.

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